Leadership Team

Rich Maldonado

Managing Partner

Rich began his career in the right-of way industry with Southern California Edison in 1985 and later co-founded Spectrum Land Services in 1999. Rich is the company’s Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for all aspects of Spectrum’s board of directors, business operations, staff management and human resources. Rich’s background includes: project quality control, utility-scale program management, right-of-way engineering and business administration.

Verna Maldonado

Managing Partner

After several years in executive sales, Verna joined Spectrum Land Services as the company’s Managing Partner in 2001. As Spectrum’s Chief Financial Officer, she oversees all financial and administrative functions for the company. Her background includes: corporate program development, account management, and financial policy implementation.

Steve Mannix

Land Engineering Advisor

Steve began his extensive career in the land engineering industry as a draftsman and later joined Spectrum Land Services in 2002 as one the first employees in company history. As Spectrum’s Land Engineering Advisor, Steve provides training for Spectrum’s acquisition agents, client staff and other members of the Spectrum team. His background includes, project management, land title research: AutoCAD drafting and right-of-way acquisitions.

Glenn Bakke, P.E.

Project Engineer

Glenn’s career as a civil engineer began at the City of Los Angeles. In 2003, he joined the Spectrum Team as the company’s Project Engineer overseeing land engineering and surveying responsibilities for our utility clients. Glenn’s expertise includes: analysis of infrastructure design projects, advanced legal description preparation, Land Surveying practices and land title examination.

Vicky Walters

Project Manager

Vicky is Spectrum Land Services’ project manager in charge of San Diego Gas & Electric’s system-wide electric and gas pipeline easement acquisition projects. Vicky has 19 years of experience implementing program management systems for Spectrum and negotiating complicated right-of-way agreements for our clients. Her background includes: advanced title examination, right-of-way negotiations and right-of-way agent training.

Cindy Terry

Project Manager

Cindy is Spectrum Land Services’ project manager in charge of Southern California Edison’s system-wide easement acquisition projects. She joined Spectrum as an acquisition agent in 2004 and currently provides team leadership support for Spectrum’s staff of agents. Her background includes: commercial and Industrial land development, analysis of utility-scale right-of-way acquisition projects and team building.

Lisa Solis

Project Manager

Lisa joined the Spectrum team as an administrative professional in 2005. She currently manages electrical easement projects for Southern California Edison and associated high-speed rail projects. Her extensive background includes; real estate brokerage, land title analysis and complex right-of-way negotiations for transportation projects in California.

Billy Sathienkijwanit

Cadastral Mapping Lead

As Spectrum’s lead AutoCAD and geospatial specialist, Billy provides various mapping services for Spectrum’s clients and trains other team members in the discipline of advanced cadastral mapping. Billy leads Spectrum’s mapping efforts for electrical easement projects for Southern California Edison and land engineering plans for Spectrum’s pipeline clients.