Project results on your terms.

Our program management software and highly skilled professionals will deliver results for your project objectives.

Project Management

Offering a full suite of right-of-way services for small and utility scale projects.

Right-of-Way Acquisitions

Negotiating easements, leases and other real property agreements for our clients.

Title Research

Expert analysis to determine the course of every project and cure a variety of title issues.


Providing local, state and federal assignments for our energy and utility clients.

AutoCAD Drafting

Exhibit maps, land engineering plans and plats to support any projects: large or small.

Document Recording

Fast and secure land document recording including document review and notary services.

What Some of Our Clients Say About Us

“We feel fortunate to have found a company in the right of way business that can deliver total customer service. For several years, Spectrum has provided us outstanding service with great attention to detail. Spectrum's professionalism shows through in the quality and timeliness of their work. Thanks again Spectrum for your years of dedicated "service".

Southern California Edison

“I am delighted to say that after working with Spectrum on a number of our public improvement projects, your company has restored my faith in the right-of-way services business. It is such a pleasure to find a company that has great customer service; it seems to be the exception these days. I not only get very quick follow-up from your agents, I see the quality in the end product.”

Willdan Engineering

“The responsiveness of your company is superb and the solutions you provide help make my job much easier. With all the problems a project can encounter, it is good to know that Spectrum is a company that we can rely on and we are never disappointed.”

Bank of America